Watkins Mixed 6-pack Adelaide Hills Range

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Watkins 2016 Adelaide Hills Shiraz

Opulent and rich, but savoury and smooth; the ideal blend of cool nights and bright sunshine, finished with precision.

Fermentation over twelve days on skins expressed varietal character and extracted generous, rounded tannins. Automated cap management and temperature control produced a wine of finesse. Carefully matured over thirty months in aged American Hogsheads.

The nose opens with savoury spices into ripe berries with rich earthy notes while the complexity from oak builds to a crescendo of nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, ripe plums, blackberries, and figs. The velvety tannins result in an immortal palate.

This wine will stand up to the test of time, open it now or be rewarded from years of careful cellaring.

Watkins 2016 Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Walking the line between elegance and power, this wine has all the force you would expect from a robust Cabernet, while keeping the cool weather expression of the Adelaide Hills.

Crushed into open fermenters for thirteen days on skins before being pressed to aged American Hogshead barrels for thirty months in oak.

The result is a wine of raw power tamed over the years. The palate has gradually filled out with the American oak and yet the varietal character is still a genuine expression of not only Cabernet, but this site’s terroir. Cassis and anise, worked over years into a high cocoa dark chocolate-mint with primary forest fruits beyond.

The palate retains the structure and acid that will see this wine last for years, yet the generosity in the mid-palate begs it to be opened now.